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You, most likely, should up the dosage to at least
7.5g - possibly 10g - per day.

Also, 7 weeks is relatively (too) soon to start
seeing any serious success with this supplement.

People usually need to devote at least 3 months to
start seeing the results they're looking for - with
continous improvement daily.

If your situation is severe, then be prepared to
give it up to 6 months to start seeing the results
you're looking for.

I am not sure if you're familiar with the study that
has brought B5 to light for everyone who frequents
these boards, but this is what was advised.

Give it time. Also, try...

-Dairy (use ONLY nonfat dairy products)
-Water (take in 1/2 u'r bodyweight in oz per day)
-Up your fiber intake to at least 25-30g per day
-Minimize sweets, soda, fast food, donuts, etc.
-Basic multivitamin w/ mostly natural ingredients
-Well rounded EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) product
-20 to 30 min. of exercise per day to clean blood
and toxins out of your system.
-STOP using harsh products (nothing too drying)
-Use a MILD soap to was fash (2 x's per day MAX)
-Steam face 2 x's per week for 10 minutes
-Exfoliate the skin daily with fresh lemon juice.
Apply fresh lemon juice w/ cotton pad and let it
dry for 10-15 min (depending on skin sensitivity)
then rinse and pat dry
-Use an oil controlling cream, powder, or spray

Use this BASIC defense, alongside your B5 supplement-
ation, and you should speed up your results. Just be
sure to give it time. A few months is a VERY short
time to wait in order to get your acne under control.

I hope this helps

P.S. Also, change your pillowcase 2 x's per week!

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