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Re: Ortho-tricyclen
Jul 26, 2002
The estrostep fe is a good birth control- never made me sick like most of them do. It did make me gain a few pounds (went straight to boobs,hehe), but as far as my acne which the only kind I have are those non cystic little bumps, they have gotten worse. I've also been using benzaclin- that hasn't helped either, I had greater sucess with plain 5% benzol peroxide than benzaclin. So I found this website that lists the majority of birthcontrol pills and all their different levels of hormones and which ones are good for this and that. The ones listed good for acne were Yasmin, Ortho-Cyclen, Brevicon, Modicon, Necon, Ortho Evra, Mircette, Demulen and Ortho-Tricylen. I was surprised to find that Estrostep fe was listed and one of the ones that could aggervate acne. So, I am off to switch to ortho tricylen!

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