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I know that I and some others have been posting how food can relate to some people's acne. I posted this under a vegetarian topic but I feel that it's also useful under here too.

For those that are a vegetarion or a vegan, you will more than likely aggrivate your acne condition. That's because you eliminated your meat, etc protein source and are now eating soy. For some people eating soy may be problem.

However my guess is that the biggest culprit would be all or at least some of the grains that you were/are eating as a vegetarian. These past few months I've learned that Wheat is a huge culprit, only some people may not even know it (scary huh). Also, after several small studies (hopefully a large one one day), apparently carbohydrates and nightshades can cause rheumatoid arthritis. Since this is an autoimmune disease, carbs and nightshades and some other foods have been found to cause/create other autoimmune diseases such as, Crohn's Disease and Diabetes I, and other Endocrinological disorders where acne is the SYMPTOM.

For those that don't know, carbohydrates are Starch, Sugar, Fruit, Vegetables, and Grains. Starch comes from Potatos and other Starchy Vegetables (would corn be one?). Fruit's and most vegetables are generally considered safe because they contribute Fiber which helps with constipation, trapping excess insulin, estrogen, and other hormones. So Fibrous Foods are always good to have. Sugar is well...bad, he he. Nightshades consist of Chili Peppers, Bell Peppers, Egg Plant, Tomotatos, and Potatos. Also, some people may find that they have trouble eating certain fruits, especially bananas, which can aggrevate acne too. I don't know if any of you have incorporated these in your diet, but if you've exhausted other options, hopefully one day you might want to try tweeking your diet a bit more. =)

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