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I am 26, have a good complexion, maybe get a pimple every couple of weeks. But, I have an entertaining yet strange story to tell.

About 3 months ago, a bump appeard on the side of my face. A small bump. There was no white head, black head, or redness, so I decided not to sqeeze it. I wasnt going to make some freaken bump swell bigger if nothing was going to come out of it.

Over the months it growed. Around the 2nd month it started to look like I had a wart on my face! Perfect wart form, even felt like a wart. Still no white head, or black head. Had to be a wart. I figured when I got some free time I would schedule a dermatologist appointment.

Around the 3rd month, I had what appeared to be an eraser sized wart on the side of my face. Still growing..

This weekend, I had a few beers at my girlfriends house.. She was staring at my supposed wart, and started to say she could see a white dot on it where a whitehead may be forming. After a few beers, she convinced me to let her squeeze it.

What came out was tons and tons of whatever is normally in blackheads. But, there was nothing on the outside of the bump that even resembled a blackhead or pimple.. It was a perfectly smooth fleshy non-red bump.

What the heck was it!?!?!?

On a second note.

She squeezed too hard, and now I have a dime sized scab on the side of my face. Though, the bump is completly gone now, and there was no swelling or redness afterwords.

Whats the best way to make sure this scab doesnt create a scar?

Thanks for listening to my oddities. lol

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