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Hey, thanks for coming here.
Alright well, in October I'm going to be seeing my boyfriend again, and I would like to be as clear as possible. I'm using Proactiv, and it's working alright, but I've been using it for over a year and I'm pretty sure I'm becomming/already am immune to benzoyl peroxide. Should I take the month of Augest off from washing with Proactiv and then pick up again in September?

I know not many people like Proactiv, but I don't want to start up another face wash or B5 or anything like that, at least until after he leaves. Blah. Acne sucks.
I would recommend to keep the proactiv up if you like, but start taking a multi-vitamin.

I was just reading zinc has prob the most profound affects on acne. It has been proven to really help.

Take about 50mg 2x a day of zinc
25,000IU of Vit A ( I read per day, but I take 2x)
and buy L. Acidophilus thaat is in the fridge of the health food store (there are some with carrot juice extract in them that I found work way better)
And lastly, Flax Seed Oil, it will help balance good and bad fats.

By the time your bf comes you should be really clear, it helps alot. Try it!
Thank you for the response. I'll look into getting all of those soon.

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