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Dear Mightmomma:

Diane 35 (aka Dianette) is not available in the US. It is in Canada and Mexico.

I used Ortho-tricyclen for about 5 years and it helped moderately. I used Diane 35 and I can say it also worked. But it is hard for me to compare since when I was on Diane 35 my skin was in a major flair due to hormonal changes.

There is another pill available in the US called Yasmin which is fairly new (so a lot of doctors have not heard of it yet). It works along the lines of Diane 35 in that it has (aldactone) conjugated with estrogen. Aldactone is a anti-androgen. It also has a diuretic effect so you may not have the weight gain associated with other kinds of pills.

I found a birth control pill, along with a topical retinoid were very helpful in controling my acne. Possibly adding a topical antibacterial in the morning (retin-A at night) might give your treatment an added punch.

Previously, I developed tetracyclen resistant acne and on top of which your kidneys have to work overtime to excrete tetracyclen (not good). You might find you have to urinate excessively when taking it. I don't think it will help in the long term if you have hormonal acne. Because basically all the antibiotic is doing is suppressing the bacteria. The good and bad bacteria. Eventually you may develop a super P. acnes bacteria that will laugh at the tetracyclen. If you have to use an antibacterial try using a topical first before a systemic.

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