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Those who have oily skin will have less wrinkles and less aging than those who do not. That is a medical fact, so we will be thankful later on in life for having oily skin!!! My mother is 45 and she looks so young still (about 10 years younger). And, those of us who are using retinoids will also be thankful because with continued use, we will look like we are 30 when 40 and so on. I was watching a special on the channel STYLE (my fave TV channel) and a dermatologist/plastic surgeon was saying how Retin-A is the only miracle in a tube (for aging)...even she swears by it.

OH....And never go out in the sun without sunblock on, do not sun bathe; if you want a tan get a fake one!
sunshin919 is right. Those with oily skin will have fewer wrinkles and look younger longer. Also, the use of Retin-A and other glycolic acid products will keep the skin looking younger when you hit your 40s. I started seeing a derm at age 38 for a flare-up of acne. After treating the acne, he switched the program to improving skin tone and keeping me looking younger. Now at age 45 my skin looks better than it did in my 20s. I completely gave up any type of foundation 2 yrs. ago and my skin is so clear I can go out "naked." My derm said I would really start noticing the difference in my complexion vs. other people my age right around the mid 40s. That's when the damaging effects of the sun and poor skin care really becomes the most noticeable. The best advice I can give all you younger people -- always use a sunscreen (never get a suntan), wash you face every night no matter what, and start a skin care program early because it takes many years to reverse the signs of aging. If you do it right away, you'll get results that much quicker!
Jani -

My doctor put me on a program of Retin-A and products by Glytone and MD Forte. These products contain high levels of pure glycolic acid (alpha hydroxy acid) that are unavailable over the counter. There are all different strengths & levels, so you need to be under a derm's care to make sure you are using the right product for your skin type. The strengths increase as your skin grows accustomed to the acids. The good thing is that while these products reverse the damage we've all done to our skin, they also keep the acne away. Aging and exposure to the sun slows down the process of exfoliation. Glycolic acid products speed up the exfoliation of the outer dead skin layers and reveal the smoother skin underneath.

Sun damage, whether from outdoors or a tanning bed, is the single-most damaging thing you can do for your skin. It actually causes acne to break out (usually 2 wks. after prolonged sun exposure). If that isn't enough to get you to use sunscreen and stop sunbathing how about this -- 80% of skin aging and wrinkles is caused by sun exposure. Try looking at an area of your body that doesn't see the sun -- do you see any wrinkles? Your face is no different than that area of the body except that it is constantly exposed to the sun. Take it from a 45 year old woman that has spent the last 8 yrs. reversing teenage sun damage. Use a moisturizer every a.m. with at least an SPF 15. You will be glad you did when you hit your 40s.

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