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Hello. I haven't YET used a prescribed version of hydroquinone (kind of wanting to try it though), but I have used the over-the-counter formula from Dr. Palmers which has 2% and AHA's in it also.

1. How fast will these marks fade noticeably?
-Well with this version I am using, I saw my marks beginning to lighten a bit in about a week to 2 weeks. Yet, it takes a couple of weeks or MONTHS to see an OVERALL great improvement.

2. How long do they take to completely go away?
-Again, you can see results within a week till a month, it depends on your skin. But Dr. Palmers has AHA's in it which actually speeds up the process. I don't think that Lustra has any AHA's in it.

3. Does it work on red marks, or just brown ones that have been there forever?
-I am African American, and from my understanding, it was really designed to be for brown marks (hyperpigmentation). But there are some who have had success with red marks, and others who have had negative results where it makes marks redder. So definitely watch your skin if you are using it for red marks.

4. Do the spots come back, or are they gone for good.
-Well what hydroquinone does is that it turns off your melanin cells. When you get a scar or a burn or anything of the such, these cells become darker, so hydroquinone turns them off, hence making them lighter. SO technically they're not gone for good, so definitely again I would advise that you do exfoliate, or use some type aha, bha, or any type of exfoliater so that while you're lightening the marks, you are also getting RID of them. Because hydroquinone again doesn't get RID of the marks, just turns off the cells.

Also, about the "crap" about cancer, like you said, I believe it is crap. Lets not talk about Accutane now rofl. But really, I think you would have to use hydroquinone for YEARS to even get a terrible result from it. And that's really with any medication.

Also another thing, use sunscreen. If you don't, your cells won't turn off, and it can actually cause RE-darkening. SO sunscreen, even to those not using hydroquine, sunscreen should be a apart of everyone's daily routine.

wheew! Well hope this helps!

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