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Agree with Mr. Right....I finished my Accutane treatment two yrs and 8 mos ago. My skin was clear for the first yr but my acne came back afterwards where my derma had prescribed me antibiotics. That helped clear my acne. Now I am almost 3 yrs and acne still coming out....not really severe but they're just bothersome as I have been used to seeing my face acne-free. My derma said she could put me back to Accutane for a second round...but hmmm not sure I wanted to do that again. In a year or two, I'd be (hopefully) bearing a child and although I know they say 6 mos after Accutane is safe for pregnancy, I just wanna be on the safer side. I am using Differin Gel and that Benzol Peroxide in tubes. It does work along with my antibiotics...But to answer ur question about laser resurfacing, I onced wanted to do that and like someone here said, my derma also told me to wait a yr or two. Well, I am glad I waited for two yrs coz now all these acne came back which I have under control. Not to mention that your skin is a bit sensitive fr the Accutane tx even after a yr. So I would wait it out. Two years would be a safe wait. Of course, it is ultimately your decision as this could be a case to case situation, best bet is go and ask for your docs opinion as well. Goodluck!

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