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Hey help, some questions for ya, I noticed in summer that whilst on only 4-5g of B5, my cystic acne was reduced to nothing, and my skin and scars cleared up to a really good level (plus less oil meant small pores, and MUCH smoother skin), I arribute this to the lack of school, and the huge amount of time I spent just relaxing and hanging out under the sun (also taking B5 and a stricter diet), now while in school and since about late october (seems I had a hormonal fluctuation, and stress from school finally kicked in), I started breaking out bad, and the stress from heavy weight lifting was not helping at all either, after dropping the lifting, I noticed it helped my skin recover alot, but not by any means to where it was in summer (keep in mind I was still on 5g B5 a day), but wen winter break rolled around, my skin cleared up again alot, still not summer levels, well anyway, now I have to take fat soluble antioxidants to keep cysts away, but I still get scar leaving pimples, REGULARLY, chronic acne in fact, though not at all painful like cystic, its ANNOYING and scarring (pigmentation wise) I deducted it to this, regardless of how low my stress is, I need some B5 to keep me 95% clear (like in summer), but wen Im on vacation and its warm I can get like 75% clear without any B5 (but girls, and sexual stuff can get me to break out slightly or get oily, which is hard to avoid in summer, so the B5, REALLY helps in that aspect)...during school, stress/anxiety and slight depression from the acne causes a cycle, I get stressed from school, then breakout, which gives my social anxiety, which leads to depsression, all until I get back to summer and dont worry about a damn thing (now I know why accutane didnt clear me up 100% last year, I broke out within 1 weeks getting of it, and was OILY as hell, until school finished and B5) and clear up...but what do I do?? Not goto school? (ha!) I am going to see a psychiatrist (spelling?) soon, and he/she may give me a drug to help with that, I really believe my chronic acne during school times will be much lower (keep in mind I am and have been on wai's diet, take the antioxidants and B5 too) if I go on a drug to help me deal with anxiety/stress...I know you take wellbutrin, how effective is that drug compared to say, paxil? What would you suggest? Also what do you suggest I speak to the psychiatrist about? Thanks!

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