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Re: BethS-(pores)
Aug 28, 2002
Sure. I'm 45 and had pimples (not cysts) as a teen but never got them treated by a doctor as back then you only saw one for real severe acne. I used all the over the counter products like Clearasil with no luck. After I got married, I started taking birth control pills and the pimples went away. In my 30s I stopped taking them and guess what -- pimples came back.

My son (age 15) and I both made an appt. with a very good dermatologist in our area. This guy is a miracle worker! His treatment depends on the severity of your acne. But the difference is this doc talks to you about what acne is, the myths, what to do and not. This is why I am very knowledgeable about pores. Like I said, large pores are genetic. It has nothing to do with not cleaning your face, although if you don't wash your face every night you will develop blackheads. This is because everyone has pores (some small, some large). Small pores will develop blackheads if not kept clean. If you have large pores, even normal dirt that accumulates during the day will collect in them and look gross. That is why you need to shrink pores. Most acne meds don't shrink pores -- they are aimed at eliminating the bacteria that causes pimples (which is different than a blackhead). That is why it is important to keep your hands away from you face and to wash every morning and night -- keeps the bacteria away from the face.

Glycolic acid creams work by stripping the surface layer of your skin and removing dead cells. After several months of use, you actually have new layers of skin. Continued use keeps the skin new and the pores small. You will have to use the products at least well into middle age. I haven't heard of any long term side effects. I see my dermatologist twice a year now and depending on how my skin looks he either continues me on the same plan or increases the strength of the cream. My pimples are long gone now --he treats me to continue keeping face smooth and therefore with small pores and to keep away wrinkles. I don't know how old you are, but a fabulous benefit of these creams is that the longer you use it the more you can keep wrinkles from appearing. What you do in your teens and 20s will be most noticeable in your 40s.

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