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There seems to be several diets you could try to do while you are pregnant. I agree, that detoxing with only liquids wouldn't be the best answer, but how far along are you? I imagine being pregnant and having IBS has gotta...hurt =(

Anyway, some people said that following these worked:

(try not to use laxatives too often or else your body could get dependent)


Flaxseed (make a banana, Blueberry and Flaxseed shake)


Gluten Free Diet,

"Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type" (especially if you are an O),

"Treating Food Allergy My Way" by Dr. Walsch,

"Eating for IBS"

and I'm sure there's more =)

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LOL, well I only know as much as I've taken the time to learn. Indeed this can be time consuming but I enjoy it and somewhere in here I'm going to figure out what I'd like to do with my future Biology degree. =)

Autoimmune hepatis is just one of MANY diseases,etc that have similar symptoms. OF course I think that fact that we aren't extermely sick or dead rules most of us out. ;-)

Yeah I would say you are a good candidate for a lifestyle change. Even if you can't afford it, you should still fill out their complementary screening form (I did and I can't, lol). Babies are expensive, but you do have some form of insurance right? If so, see if you can get tested for Celiac (Gluten intolerance). I only say that because if you test positive, then um....well in the U.S., the foods that you would buy are Tax Deductible (where are you from?)Unfortunately I don't think most hopitals test for ALL the different foods antigens,etc that can show up in our blood stream, so an elimination diet would be your next best bet.

Indeed it seems that most IBS people that I was reading about, are intolerant to wheat and gluten, and lactose, and preservatives, etc. It's amazing... You can try just avoiding only wheat since that in itself is a HUGE task. There are several grains that come from wheat and so many foods have wheat,etc in them. Although, it's much easier if you have a Natural or Healthfood store in your neighborhood, do you?

There are a many companies from all over the world that are knowlegable about Gluten Free Diets. So I'm going to list some brands of GF foods for ya and maybe you've got some of them over there, if not there are several stores online you can order this stuff from. But start by eliminating and finding stuff close to home and if that works, you can go from there =)

Namaste Foods
Gluten Free Pantry
Authentic Foods

Bionaturae Italian Pasta
Dr. Schar

Fantastic Foods
Thai Kitchen

Omega Smart
Dr. Schar
Edward & Sons
Bumble Bar

Arrowhead Mills
Health Valley


There's more of them, I just flipped through a catalog I had and started listing them. Also, while I didn't repeat most of them, some of these brands make more than one thing.

Good luck =)

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