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accutane, my pores are smaller!!!!!!! Extractions making BIG pores? Ive never and will never have BIG pores. Its whatever youre born with. Plus, I plan on seeing a lady like this for the rest of my life. I dont believe in going temporarily, because if you do ANYTHING temporarily, it will go right back to how it was or it will lose its special touch. if you stop getting your hair cut, if you stop brushing your teeth, if you stop masking, if you stop washing your hair...if you stop anything, that involves the skin especially, there is little chance that it will properly make ITSELF "glow" on its own, without assistance.
Anyway, as you say, acne coming back in a worse form???......well, most teenagers (I am 18) grow out of acne!! Only a small % of girls have acne past their teenhood if they had it as a teen to begin with.

a friend of mine went from severe acne to crystal clear, and she stopped getting facials after she was satisfied and she doesnt have big pores or pimples...........years later.

Derms are the temporary solutions! Taking pills is temporary. Its always a quick, temporary fix. What the facial lady does is get your skin used to natural products, very safe. Nothing she does will harm your organs or harm a fetus.

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