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I've had ugly little clogged pores (black heads) on ONE side of my nose (isn't that weird?) ever since I can remember. The only time they went away was when I was on Accutane.

I've been off accutane for like 5 months and acne is coming back, oilness as well. I'm on tazorac right now, and if it dosen't get rid of these clogged pores I'm gonna see about Spiro. I exfoliate all the i don't see why i still get clogged pores.

Anyway..I end up having to squeeze these nasty blackheads everyday to keep my pores clear..The blackhead strips don't work..and its just really nasty looking to have black dots all over my nose! I'm sure I'm the only one that notices, but still..what can help these go away?

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