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hey i got another TCA peel yesterday.. im at 35%!!!!! when i was at my derm's office i looked at my mirror and face is definately looking better.... these peels are definately helping and not hurting.... im gonna try my new fibroblast solution with this recent peel and put it on my face and see if it helps grow even more new skin.... (i paid $120 dollars for this solution so it better help!!!)... anyway, i'll see if that helps grow new thats my plan right now... i'm gonna wait till christmas and then im gonna get one last peel and then im gonna gradually start taking the next step.first im gonna look at my face and say, do i need to do anything else, if i feel that i still need to erase these scars i'll take the next step ..collagen injections to fill in places of my face that need it....and THATS IT... if after all the peels and the collagen injections it doesnt work, im gonna resort to dermabrasion or laser... i dunno.. i just feel wishy washy toward dermabrasion and laser.. i mean.. you only get one face and i dunno..i would rather try the saline injection route first.... i believe in small steps small the way, people might be wondering, how many tca peels have jamie done... well, it's been 5-6 now.. (i lost count)...and the reason why im doing so many is 1.) they are 60 dollars only....(the cost of like going out and having drinks and dinner), so it isnt that bad.....2.) i trust my derm ALOT...i mean, 2 of his patients are like celibrities!! gene hackman and jesse jackson.. so like, you know if he has celebrities going to him, he has to be good.. and quite frankly.. its been a half a year with him, and he's only seemed to be improving my face than hurting it...(Although there were some scares).. heheh..... how much improvement since before i started peels? well... i dont know about percentage.. i mean... 20-30%?? i dont know....but lets just say that im able to face some florescent lights... go out some more....somewhat face the sun.... before i would never step out my house EVER unless emergencies! heh anyway... just wanted to let you know whats going on...i wonder if collagen injections might be a key.....i see on tv , women having face lifts and they erase lines on their face...i just have these little scars... it should be the same concet. i dunno.. oh well... anyway i better go......good luck to each and every one of you...God bless

- jamie

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