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1 month before I started taking Accutane, The derm made me stop taking my antibiotics and He prescribed me Ortho-tri-cyclen, He said the bc pill would actually help me with my skin, I said "ok cool", NOPE, It didn't help me at all, I broke out a lot, I thought It was maybe because I had stop my antibiotics or It could have been the pills, I was so sad I was looking uglier than ever, and I had to still go to work everyday and face people, Oh NO!! I was anxiously counting the days to my next appointment when He would prescribe me Accutane. And once I started accutane I broke out even more, BIG zits everywhere at least 3 or 4 at the time, and I can't help picking them so they got even worse. I am on my 8th week of Accutane and I am loving IT! I look a little better, I am so HAppy "I LOVE ACCUTANE"

ABout the waxing....I don't know. But I do use tweezers all the time. I know we ARE not supposed to put nothing with chemicals on our faces... but Ask your doc.

Hey, good luck to you, and to us.....and let's get our lifes back.....

start: 02/25/02
20mg morning
20mg night

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