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Okay, I've been doing the egg yolk mask for the past 4 nights now and am liking the results. I'm eager to see what the longterm effects will be (like no new breakouts?). Anyway, prior to knowing about this mask, I had ordered the Sensitive Skin Try me pack with Sage. It should arrive tomorrow. I have a wedding I'm standing up in in two weeks. Do I just stick to what I've been doing or start Sage? I guess I'm worried about the Sage that it might make me have an initial breakout or something. Any opinions on what I should do? And/or those of you who used Sage, did you have an initial breakout when you first started using it/ how long did it take for your skin to get used to it?
Hey!! i dont know from personal experience, but everyone seems to LOVE the egg yolk mask!! so i think you should stick with that. Erin said her complexion is almost clear, and if you can see definite results then why risk it when you know this one is working? so maybe you should stick with the yolk. just my opinion tho!! (besides you can always try the sage one if the yolk starts showing faults)
PS im starting my yolk mask tonight YIPEE im so excited!!!
I'm wondering if the egg yolk mask can be used in conjunction with the Sage products. I'm currently on my sixth day of the Acne Try-Me pack, and I'd like to try the mask this weekend. Any advice?

Good luck, RAG Hopefully someone here has tried both the egg yolk mask AND Sage so they can offer you a better guess!
I use Sage and love it, but in your situation, I would stick with the egg yolk until the wedding. You never know how your skin is going to react to Sage. When I first started it, my skin was a mess for about two-three weeks. That doesn't always happen...I know people who start to clear up right away, but with me, I didn't *really* start to clear up for about a month.

And personally, I did not like the egg yolk mask. I did it for a few days and I was a grease ball, plus it took me about 15 minutes just to get it all off my face. But if you like it and the results are good, stick with it. But I really do suggest trying Sage after the wedding. For now, you could at least start washing with the facial shampoo and corrective grains and using the SPF. These will not cause any problems - it's the acne treatment products (Fix Zit, MSSR, Zit Zapper, Miracle Zit, Smoothing Cream/Gel, etc) that you need to be careful with and may cause an initial breakout.
OOOOOOH! Thank you all for your responses! Yeah, it's a little dilemna I'm in here especially with this darn wedding coming up. I'd soooooooo like to be clear for all the pics. UGH! jad211 I might take your advice and just use the more gentle products...maybe even just the shampoo and do the egg yolk mask and wait to try everything else. Right now I'm using Cetaphil and the egg. Don't much like Cetaphil so I'd be willing to at least try the poo. Thanks again!
LittleBonJoviGirl, what mask did you get? I just used the MSSR Redefinition mask last night. I liked the Biological mask better.

I got the Biological Redefining Mask (I think that's its full title! ) I haven't used it yet, though

PS Did you get my e-mail?
Hey! Yeah, I got it. I responded to you on Tuesday, I think. Did you get it???? E-Mail me again, I'll E-Mail you right now. It's a great mask. Love it!!!

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