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Oily skin
May 12, 2002
Hey guys,
Well once again I seem to be fighting this annoying battle againt oily skin, which accutane seemed to take care of for nearly a year, until last month. The oils seem to be coming back;-( Since was not used to having oil on my face for a year, this is very disheartening. However, after going off accutane last year, which definitely helped with the oiliness and bad acne, I made a vow to try to avoid at all cost from going on such a HARSH drug again. I must have suffered from every side effect of this drug....Was it worth it? Maybe, however, had I known of a more natural, holistic, SAFE,approach to control the oily skin and acne, I would have traveled that path. My question is, are there any ways to control oily skin and shine? What methods have you used that have seemed to be successful and helpful? Would drinking 8 glasses of water help? I use cetaphil gentle cleanser and sometimes the cleanser for acne/ normal/oily skin,or Neutrogena's oilf free acne wash, and I spot treat my zits with benzaclin....Nothing major....However, even though I am not overdrying my face, I still seem to have lots of oils...I always thought that the more one overdries their face, this produces a countereffect, where the skin overcompensates for the loss of oils, thereby producing MORE oils....Being gentle, which I believe I am towards my skin, is key..This I am aware of....But I dont know where to turn....I also heard that using oil free moisturizers help, which I try to use, but to no avail...I end up looking even shinier and tend to break out;-( Is there a way out of this? Does anyone else have such a similar porblem?... To make things even more complicated, while my face is oily/ shiny, it also peels and is dry in certain areas...I think this is called combination skin? Does anyone else have this problem?My skin since accutane is also sensitive to harsh products....Any help/advice would be appreciated;-) Thanks!

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