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Hi everyone. This is the first time im posting though i've been coming here for a while and got a lot of great tips that have helped me a lot. I did the brushing thing which REally helped so much, i had very few active pimples and it was really getting rid of the red marks, i was brushing twice a week and then lotsa vitamin cream. I was SOOOOOO happy. i was delirious my face was looking so good. Then i saw the egg yolk post and thought id do that too to help speed things up even more. I knew Vit A was good for red marks and i figured egg yolk=vit A=good skin. WEll it ruined my face. I did it for a week. The first 3 days my skin looked better so i continued with it. Then i started breaking out again, like i hadnt done for so long. i am so upset, so angry i wanna die. My skin looks awful again now. I just wanted to warn everyone out there. Do not do the egg yolk mask, it will ruin your skin. I am so desperate now that last night i brushed my skin hard again but cos i now have so much active acne again i now just look awful. i could cry. i wanna die.

Ive read other posts saying that yolks didnt work for them either. Could someone please answer and tell me what i can do to make things better. Please. Everyone was telling me how good i looked and now i just wanna die. My boyfriend thought i had lovely skin, and now hes gonna see the real me and i cant face him. id rather die than face him again. Please help me.
I can sympathize with you.I currently have 3 nasty scars from doing the egg yolk thing.I never had any acne scars till I did that egg yolk mask.I had no breakouts on my forehead before the eggyolk mask and did it because I had heard that it would reduce oil secretion and pores.BIG MISTAKE.The eggyolk mask tricked me into seeing a better complexion for the first week while under my skin huge GIGANTIC deep seated whiteheads formed,the kind that never surface and the only way to get them out is to have your derm or yourself dig them out.
Come to think of it, I never got pitted, saucer scars til i started using that stupid egg yolk mask too!
i was just wondering if the egg yolk mask has been good for some people. Also i would like the person who told us about it to report and tell us hows she doing now. I dont remember who it was and cant be bothered to go back looking for her posts. I'd really like to know if it worked for her or broke herr out to.

If you read this answer. I'm curious. Also anyone who the yolk thingy worked well for
I'm thinking the egg yolk is clogging pores because you didn't wash your face thoroughly after you did the mask. Asians are big fans of home remedies and natural face masks and basically after they do the mask, they rinse it off and then do a steam towel for a few minutes to really get the egg/potato/tomato/milk/etc. out of their pores. BUT I have not had personal experience with home remedies so I cannot say if this will work for everyone. Also, I don't think it's wise to do these natural masks EVERYDAY. I mean, come on, these are meant to be done about 1-3x a week.
Well, when I did the egg yolk mask, I always washed it off after 15 minutes and I broke out anyway.I was raging mad over that freakin egg mask for the longest time,LOL!And I remember even saying that I never want to see another egg for as long as I live ! LOL.I have to look at those 3 scars EVERYDAY and the Vitamin E has shrunk them some but not enough as they still stick out like a sore thumb. And I have NOT ate an egg since !lol.Maybe SOME day those when those scars are completely gone I will take a glance at an egg.Well ..maybe just long enough to smash one into a brick wall! LOL.

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