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Hi everyone. This is the first time im posting though i've been coming here for a while and got a lot of great tips that have helped me a lot. I did the brushing thing which REally helped so much, i had very few active pimples and it was really getting rid of the red marks, i was brushing twice a week and then lotsa vitamin cream. I was SOOOOOO happy. i was delirious my face was looking so good. Then i saw the egg yolk post and thought id do that too to help speed things up even more. I knew Vit A was good for red marks and i figured egg yolk=vit A=good skin. WEll it ruined my face. I did it for a week. The first 3 days my skin looked better so i continued with it. Then i started breaking out again, like i hadnt done for so long. i am so upset, so angry i wanna die. My skin looks awful again now. I just wanted to warn everyone out there. Do not do the egg yolk mask, it will ruin your skin. I am so desperate now that last night i brushed my skin hard again but cos i now have so much active acne again i now just look awful. i could cry. i wanna die.

Ive read other posts saying that yolks didnt work for them either. Could someone please answer and tell me what i can do to make things better. Please. Everyone was telling me how good i looked and now i just wanna die. My boyfriend thought i had lovely skin, and now hes gonna see the real me and i cant face him. id rather die than face him again. Please help me.

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