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Last year Minocycline worked great. 100 % clear. I just started to take it again yesterday. I'm taking 2 50mg a day for a month. I know that while on it, you shouldn't take zinc supplements or dairy products within a few hours of use.

My questions are:

-How long should I wait before sitting or lying down after taking a pill?

-Usually, it would take 2 months for it to work. Since I took it last year, do I have to wait 2 months again?
-How long should I wait before sitting or lying down after taking a pill?

Odd, I've never heard anyone refer to this sort of question concerning minocycline. I don't think minocycline has anything to do with having to wait before sitting or lying down. It's an antibiotic, a strong one nonetheless, but nothing serious where you'd have to wait several hours before sitting down after taking it.

-Usually, it would take 2 months for it to work. Since I took it last year, do I have to wait 2 months again?

As a thumb of rule for acne medications, you should always wait 3 months to see results in a product. If the said product helped clear you up at around the 2 month period, I think it would be safe to say that the second time around it should kick in around the same time as before, perhaps a slight delay to it since it's the second time around.
I also agree to give it a few months to see results. When I went on it the second time it took about 3 months before I saw results.

And as to the sitting lying down, I am not aware of this reccomendation with mino. I know that you should not lie down for 1 hour after taking doxycycline but I haven't see or heard any such info about mino.
crap i take zinc with mino...

i have a question

does mino.. build an immune to taking the pills?

meaning if i keep taking it will it stop working?

ive ask my doctor about it and he said no...ive been on it for like 3 years still works just my blackheads are my problem
Great, thanks for helping me out. I also forgot to ask, Is there an initial breakout when you start using mino? I think that 2 big cysts have been forming ever since I started taking it.
You don't have to worry about lying down with mino, only doxy. Doxy is really acidic, so it can basically burn away your stomach lining or esophagus if it sits in one spot, which would happen if you don't move by lying down. Also, as far as building a resistance to mino, I don't think you have to worry too much. For some reason with mino there haven't been any major cases of resistance.
Hey there, I'm currently a first timer on Mino myself. I only really started to see results like a month and a half later. I did notice it getting a little worse just before it started to improve, but only slightly. I'm noticing that my skin is shiny all over the place and that it streches easily. Is this normal? I think it's a little freaky. I had a scar on my hand from my cat from years ago and it disappeared. This stuff is cooool. I'm taking 100mg 2x day.
Hi, I'm also a first-time Mino user. I've been on it for almost five months now, and I've been 99% clear - I may get little bumpies from time to time BUT NO ZITS(!). I love MINO!

Kramerica, I'm guessing it will take two months or longer for Mino to take effect, but I'm no professional. Like Mr. Right said, give it three months. Don't worry about the sitting or lying down thing. I've never heard of that particular concern related to Mino before. Mino should prevent any bacteria from causing new breakouts so you won't get an initial. In my case, it took about three weeks before I saw any improvement -- my acne continued to worsen until the third week had rolled around. I had had persistent moderate acne and currently take 100mg 2x daily. Question for you: How severe is your acne now -- is it better or worse than when you started taking Mino last year? I've heard stories where the acne became worse after taking oral antibiotics.

jimii, I've asked my derm about building resistance to Mino and she said it's different for everyone, of course. You could become resistant after a couple of months or never become resistant at all. I hope I'm part of the latter group since Mino is working so well for me.

Alexandra789456, my skin does have a tendency to become a little shiny by mid-day, but I didn't associate that to the Mino. I thought I was just natually oily. Are you using any topicals along with Mino? Mino hasn't faded any marks for me at all. I've been taking Azelex for that.


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Actually, my face did become worse in the winter time, when the mino probably wore off. I started getting cysts around my mouth and chin which I never had before. Is that common?
I forgot to mention I'm also using Tazorac 0.1% and Benzamycin...
Yeah, I'm using Tazorak and alcohol. But, I have a question about Tazorak.. is it for the actual acne or for the scars? I'm just putting it on any breakouts I happen to get, but never on scars. Maybe I should be doing the reverse?????

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