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Hope this helps
Jul 4, 2002
For everyone on this board with Acne, I hope I can help by telling you exactly what I have done in the past 3 months that has been working excellent for me where nothing else has. I am 31 years old and have had acne for about half my life, during this time I have been on every kind of Antibiotic but Accutane. All the anti's worked equally well for about 6 months and then I had to go on a different one because they lose effectiveness.
One day I got a really bad breakout, with about 5 cysts and got a refill on a perscription of Minocin, the anti that Doc currently had me using but was'nt working too well. I was so frustrated that I went on the net that night and found this board. After looking through all the posts I noticed that alot of people were trying B5.....this piqued my interest because its the only thing I have'nt heard of or tried before.
The next day I bought a bunch of B5 and started taking it: 10g a day B5
50mg of zinc
800 mg of vit C, 800 of vit E
1000mg of fish oil
Plus I started drinking about 10 liters of water a day and cutting out fat, drink only skim milk, no other dairy products, and eat lots of friut and vegs. I also stopped drinking coffee and pop.
The results were astounding! I had a few breakouts but very small for the first 2 months but my skin and pores are 100% better and have'nt had a zit in weeks! My face and hair are not oily anymore, I used to have to wash my hair twice a day.
I see alot of people on this board mixed up about how much B5 you should take, I tried to post the message where it showed Dr Leung's study but it did'nt work. Take 10g at least....and maybe 18 or 20. If you got time you might be able to find this thread, its from the year 2000 so you might have to go back a ways but its very inspiring!
The other thing I started doing about 2 months ago is only washing my face with cold water and baking soda. No fancy soap or expensive cream or anything and it feels sooooooo good! I don't allow anything else to touch my face anymore, its also the cheapest thing you can use.
I sincerly hope this helps you all, I know how devastating and frustrating acne can be, and the dermatologist is'nt much help. Good Luck!

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