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Accutane diary
Apr 16, 2002
Hi... decided to do a diary of some sort... maybe those who r on accutane now can give me some comments. Day: 5th day
Dosage: 20mg
No. of zits on left side of face: 1 cyst, i small pimple and 1 recovering pimple
right side: 1 small pimple and 1 recovering pimple
Comments: hm, i think i'm experiencing the initial breakout cos these pimples pop up pretty recently like just 2 days ago... and they seem to come to a head pretty fast which is unlike my old acne condition. One happy thing was that when i started accutane, the existing pimple i had dried up quickly, like within 1/2 days! amazing... only thing i'm unhappy about is the cyst that just came up recently... its pretty big.
Another thing is that my face is still very very oily...
Side effects: face still oily but nose peeling a little, side of mouth feels dry but did not peel. hopefully i can get this breakout over and done with by next week
Re: Accutane diary
Apr 29, 2002
Hey Clear and everyone else
I am new here but just signed up today so I could join you in your Accutane updates. Actually Thanks to you guys I am currently taking 20mg of accutane for three days. No signs of anything just one cyst came out today saying "hello here I am" like i could miss it
(hee hee). I wanted to know should I ask my doc to up my dosage to what I really should be taking according to the roche dosage sheet and is 20mg really going to do anything. I weigh 128pounds and I;m thinhing 20mg is not enough.
thanks a bundle hope to hear from you
Re: Accutane diary
May 2, 2002
Hello everyone

Where are you clear? interested on your results

are any of you on 20mg?
I am and I think it sucks. so far all the success stories I hear were all on higher dosage than mine.
I tried to call my derm but he told me that he has to start everyone out on 20mg. huh?
I thought that this was a drug that had to be specialized to match your severity (sorry for spelling) of your acne.
Is anyone else on 20mg and how are your results?
I myself am not expericing diddly
I'm so mad that alot of other people are staring out on a higher dosage than me.
I was informed by another member that it is better off for me because it will def. reduce my chances on side efects.
hope to get a reply
I'll be waiting eagerly

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