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Zinc, B5 and acne
Mar 8, 2002
Can everyone give me advice on what kinds to get and how much to take a day. Im going to GNC tomorrow and kind of need to know. Thanks for your help. Everyone good luck on controlling their problem.
5 grams B5 a day, 50 milligrams of Zinc a day

B5 brands that are good, solgar, twinlabs, vitamin shoppe

Zinc brands that are good, solgar and most others (look for zinc gluconate or zinc picolonate)
Hey thanks alot. How did it work out for you??
in the summer I was 95% clear at all times (meaning 1-2 tiny zits in VERY unnoticable areas), in winter though it seemed to lose its effectiveness, I think that has to do with my hormones being more nuts around this time of the year
Yeah winter is a bad time for me too. In the summer i was 100% clear taking only 1g of b5 a day. now im up to 3g, and it is bad. my derm said its cause the cold, your skin produces oil to keep it moisturized. good thing im coming back to california soon, my skin was always perfect there. JUst when I came up to Canada for school it got bad.
Hey i got GNC brand of b5 and 50mg of Zinc. Does anyone know how to start this procedure adn how much to take. I have mild to moderate acne on my face and back. Thanks alot and good luck
Crzy, should i start this procedure slowly??
start at 3g a day for 2 weeks (6 pills a day), then see if you need lower or higher, if lower, dont go below 2g a day, if higher dont go above 6g a day, space it out evenly, and take on zinc at night before you goto sleep
Maybe just me, but everytime I've tried zinc, I've broken out bad. b5 alone works best for me, maybe you should start with one thing at a time to see what works?

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