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Hello everybody!
I'm on my 3d month of Roaccutane and my skin is pretty clean now but ive just sorrowfully realized that acne is my whole life problem, Roaccutane will not cure me as it didn't cure anybody.
I went through this message board and read plenty of stories like "..i had finished my accutane course 4 month ago and my skin is still clean!". But more often i saw messages saying " acne has come back in 4 month after i finished my course of accutane". And I have not seen anybody saying "it's been 1 year since im off accutane and zits no more bothering me". It means for some people it doesn't work, for some people cure of accutane works for 4-6 months, but acne do come back. So what to do? Shall I stop damage myself and quit my Roaccutane cure as no one was ever Accutane cured for acne?
Mark00 i totally aggree with ur post. If accutane had cured my acne for good, i dont think i would come back to this board.

Accutane is not a permenant solution for everybody and some may need a 2nd or 3rd course to kill the acne.

I was on it 2 years ago and my acne came back gradually after 7 months, but the weird thing was my acne was not half as bad as it was before. i use to have moderate (borderline severe) acne but now its mild thanks to accutane. im starting my 2nd course next week. Ill just have to wait a whole year and see how things go.....

Hello, I took accutane for 4 months, and my acne was gone completely for a little over a year afterwards. After that, it very slowly began to come back, but it really was so minor that I was really only getting a zit a week, and usually a pretty small one. I wanted to stop it before it got out of hand again, and I didn't want to do accutane again, so I started taking b5, (6 grams, have upped it to 8 recently) and now my acne is non-existent again. I was very pleased with the results of accutane, and if my acne got out of control again, I wouldn't hesitate going on it a second time, despite the unpleasant side effects.


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