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Hi Mari...I remember you from the absoluteacne message board. Weren't you also using an MSM cream?

In any case, I have a few questions for you...please excuse the long message!

What was your mild acne like? Mine is also very mild and consists of clusters of tiny hard bumps under my skin. I've got at least 15-20 of them all over my face...most are concentrated on my forehead, lower cheeks and jawline. And they are HARD. I mean when I can manage to "pop" one of them (which I don't do anymore!) a hard plug comes out. It's not like puss or stuff that comes out of a whitehead. It's really hard and almost looks and feels like a skin colored seed. I'm not sure what these are, but they sure are annoying. I don't think they are blackheads...they don't look black and they are all under the skin.

Fortunately I don't suffer from inflammed pimples (I do sometimes but usually only because I've been picking at something) but I hate these bumps and they have persisted for years. I've had this problem since I was about 18 or 19 and I am now almost 23.

Lately I've figured that it was caused by cosmetics and pore clogging ingredients in my skin care routine, so I changed everything and carefully looked over labels/ingredients and whatnot...but the bumps remain. I don't wear makeup when I don't have to and use a very gentle face wash and gentle, vitamin enriched moisturizer. But they still won't go! I've also got very sensitive skin and can't use topicals or harsh chemicals like bp or salycic acid on them. They practically burn my fair skin right off my face.

I just started using b-5 about two weeks ago and was wondering if you had any of these kind of bumps and if the b-5 helped with that. I'm on a VERY small dose...1 gram per day because I'm afraid I might dry out my skin too much (which is kind of dry normally)...but if the b-5 will help those bumps go away, I would gladly up it to 4 or 5 grams per day.

I'm also taking Vit E, a B complex and Vit C everyday. I drink tons of water and eat a relatively healthy diet.

Thanks for any advice...
Mari, thank you! Your acne sounds alot like mine...oily t-zone and pretty much normal everywhere else. I will look into the multi-oil and up my b-5 dosage a bit. I'm also taking Diane 35 which I hope will help with the hormonal aspect of my acne. I've also heard about people losing weight while on b-5 and this will be great to counter the weight I will gain while on Diane. I find that b-5 makes me very hungry, even in the small dose I take it, but apparently it breaks down the fat in your body as well.

I use all Origins cosmetics and skin care - I wash morning and night with their Checks and Balances cleanser mixed with their Swept Away sensitive skin scrub (it has joboba beads, aloe and oats in it and it's super super gentle). At night after I wash, I use their Night-A-Mins moisturizer and during the day I use their Constant Comforter moisurizer. When I wear makeup, it's very minimal (a tiny bit of foundation and maybe a little blush if I need it) and I use their Dew Gooder foundation. It's got a gel-like consistency and even though it's pretty sheer, it really improves my skin tone and looks very natural. I always wash it off immediately after I get home too. Other than that, I don't use any other products. I've only been using this for about two weeks and the overall health of my skin has improved dramatically. I've got that glow back and my skin feels so fresh and happy. Unfortunately, it doesn't do a darn thing for the bumps, but then again, it's not made for that. It doesn't cause any but it doesn't really help them go away makes the red marks fade much faster, but not the bumps. Still I plan on using this line forever since it makes my skin look and feel so nice.

I too don't follow any kind of special diet, as I've been eating the same kinds of foods for years and I figure if it didn't make me break out during puberty (when I did NOT have acne, ironically enough) then it probably won't now. I eat alot of pasta and bread and rice and cheese...almost everything that you're not supposed to eat if you have an acne problem, but I don't think it aggravates my acne at all. Other than that, I eat pretty healthy. No junk food, lots of water and juice and minimal chocolate, which is tough because I love chocolate! I do indulge every now and again, but again, I don't think that has much effect on my skin either. In fact, I've read that chocolate has anti-oxidants in it, so who knows :-)

I still have one question...did you have those small hard under-the-skin bumps on your face too? If so, do you still get them or did the b-5 and multi-oil help with that too? They are my main concern...

Thanks so much!

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