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Also, I haven't tried any of Origins other foundations. Dew Gooder was the first thing I tried and I loved it. Love the way it feels and looks. It comes in a pretty big jar ($15 goes a long way!) and it looks like a whipped foundation...almost like a gel. I put it on with very clean fingers (I find this works better for the initial applicatin than sponges because it doesn't streak) and let it dry a little, then blend with a soft sponge. I used to use tons of powder over other foundations but with this I find it sets nicely by itself, as it seems to fade right into my skin. It's slightly sheer and looks very natural, almost dewy (hence the name, I guess!)

I've double and triple checked the ingredients and the only two that I found that may cause a problem are wheat germ extract and soybean oil. The wheat germ is confusing...wheat germ OIL is listed a comedogenic ingredient on the Sage website, but this is extract. I'm not sure what the difference is. Soybean oil is also listed, but it's only a 3 and it's towards the end of the ingredients list (so is the wheat germ) and I've read that something that will cause problems is usually in the first 5 or so.

It also has rosemary, sage, fennel, orange (tangerine and sweet orange, whatever that is) essential oils, chamomile, lecithin, squalene, vitamin E, rice and sweet almond oil. According to Sage and other sources, these are all fine.

Origins is a very confusing line for people with acne prone skin because many of their products are oil based so I was a little wary about trying it, but my skin feels very balanced now where it used to be either extremely dry or extremely oily, so perhaps my skin needed these things. I swore up and down when I started using this that I would stick with it for a few months - typically, I'll try something for a week and if it doesn't help, it goes in the garbage. As long as it doesn't CAUSE pimples (and so far I haven't seen that it does, unlike most everything else I've used) I will keep using it and rely on the b-5 to get rid of the ones I already have.

Hope this helps...

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