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My derm told me to think about going on Accutane, but the side effects and the fact that there is only a 60% success rate really doesn't appeal to me. I've tried B5 and it didn't help, besides the fact that it can be toxic. Too much of any ONE vitamin unregulated by a doctor is dangerous. I take good care of myself. I am thin, I eat well, exercise, drink only water and tea. I have tried BC pills that are supposed to help acne, which ofcourse only made it much worse for me. I will have to do more research on accutane and possibly re-think it. Maybe a small dosage wouldn't cause any bad side effects?? Thanks for listening......
I have lost hair due to Accutane and have kept losing it for a year now. When I was a few months into Accutane I reported to my doctor that I was losing hair and he just said that I was paranoid. Well he was full of ****. Don't trust the statistics of the side effects of Accutane that Roche hands out... you have to wonder how many people like me have had serious side effects that haven't been officially reported? I've started taking a photo journal of my hair starting 3 months ago. Recently I compared photos that I took yesterday with photos I took 3 months ago and it seems like there may not be any difference in my hair density and hairline, so maybe the Accutane has finally stopped attacking my hair... but now I can't take any chances so I'm going to have to keep up my photo journal for another 6 months or more, just to make sure. Accutane is a very extreme measure unless you take it in very small doses but most dermatologists will prescribe it in the recommended doses (typically 40-80mg a day depending on your weight). Essentially Accutane is a vitamin A derivative, which is not the vitamin you want to take in megadoses if you care about your hair. B5 on the other hand is actually widely known to be good for hair, and as you can see by the posts on this board B5 users have experienced tremendous success in getting rid of Acne and many report that they even have fuller hair than before. To me B5 super doses are a much less radical & risky treatment than Accutane.
I just wanted to add that as far as the safety of B5 is concerned: My pharmacist (I get Triaz off him) saw me buying a whole bunch of B5 (it was on sale) and asked me what all of it was for. I told him I was taking 10g a day for acne. He asked me how well it was working and, after I told him that it worked better than most of the drugs he's prescribed to me before, he told me to continue taking it. I asked him about side effects and told me that he didn't know of any and that my body would expel any that I didn't use. His response, by the way, was in contrast to my derm's response which was "there aren't any studies that prove it works and bla bla bla." I'm like why don't you study my clear face stupid.

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