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I was one of the UN-LUCKY ones....

Age: 16
Weight: 159
Hieght: 5feet, 11inches (Havent Checked In A While)
Dosage: 40mg/day
Status: I have been on it aince 9/30/02. So about 7 weeks give or take....

My acne was starting to get pretty bad before I took accutane. Thats why I finally decided to go for it..... I never really had a BIG problem until around August or so 2002. So barely a coulpe months ago... I have persistant acne.. So I dont have a couple and then breakout somedays. I always have some EVERYDAY (persistant). The week before I took accutane I was averaging about 20-25 and the most Mostly just around the areas where I grow facial Hair... My lips, Chin, Jawline, & around there etc... (So I say before I took Accutane I was barely getting to "MOderate-Acne".

After I took it I started to get the breakout in about 6 days... At first I thought it was REALLY BAD because I compared it to how much acne I had before I took Accutane.. But now 7 weeks into it.. This last 1-2 weeks has made the breakuot worse....To tell the truth I literally cant even count how many..theres TOO MUCH.. I tried to count once but seriouslt.. I cant... Its hard to keep track there everywhere.. Places I never got them before too. I used to get maybe 1 a week on my forehead and now I have like 7-10. 4-5 good sized ones and the rest you cant really see..

So now that you have the story behind my accutane stuff, heres the breakdown..

Before Accutane: 20-25 (+ or -)
During Breakout's Highest Point: 45-50 (+ or -)
(Right Now)

BUT!!!! dont let this scare you into not taking it.. This is the hardest thing I have ever been through.. But once it gets started..Accutane works FAST..... 2 days ago I had more than 45-50 and just this second I realized that alot of them are clearing up and int he past 2 weeks I notied everywhitehead (if not popped) will dry up in 1-2 days and if you leave them along in 2-3 more days give or take you can practially just brush them off with a slight nidge... It's pretty cool to see what accutane can do... This is the and some people dont even get the breakout.... And whent hey do it doesnt mean its gonna be as bad as mine..

EVERYONES DIFF... You could not even get the breakout.. or you could and it might not even be any worse than your normal beakouts.... Other then the inital breakout thing the other side effects are cake.. Nothign to worry about..

Although I **STRONGLY SUGGEST** eat very healthy while on it.. Theres nothing WORSE then being on accutane for 2 months and then getting a blood test back that wasnt good.. in turn they take you off accutane... Which just slows downt he process of getting clear.....

What accutane can do (this is why they blood test you every month) is that it can raise your cholestoral... So if tey see it going up they will take you off it for a # of weeks and then out you back on.. thats 3 weeks more that you could been on accutane. which in turn only slows down the process and DREAM of getting clear..

I would stay *AWAY* from any mucuos causeing foods....

Illc ome back in a couple mins. to give you a major breakdown of stuff you should.shouldnt eat...

Or if you ont want to then just eat whatever you want.. But read all over the internet on Accutane jOURNALS..and there are lots of people who were on it for 3 months, 2 months, 2 months, 4 months etc... and then they have to go off it becuase they ahd a bad blood test....

Staying away from bad foods CANT HURT AT ALL, If not HELP!!!! (its worth it to me, i WANNT GET CLEAR!!!)

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