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No problem Sebum, no problem at all. Actually, the
carrots (or more preferably carrot juice) is the best
way to take in VitA and most of your nutrients.

If you have access to a Juicer (such as the Juiceman
or JuiceTiger) than make this drink:

5 carrots (organic are best)
2 apples
1/2 bell green pepper

EXCELLENT for your skin and tastes great due to the
sweetness of the carrots and the apples.

Yep, take (2) of the VitE if you have them. I believe
the most underated supplement of all is the Essential
Fatty Acids (like total EFA from Health from the Sun).
This is a NECESSITY.

I would suggest a liquid version because they seem
to be much more potent (and helpful). You can use a
basic Flax Oil (liquid supp) for the first couple
of months, but switch to a more balanced version
(like the Total EFA) from then on.

Check your yellow pages for local health food stores
and start calling around for prices (including prices
for organic apples/carrots if you can juice).

I am not sure about the Centrum, I heard all those
one-a-day type supps were like ROCKS in your system.
Go by your "feel" and modify where needed.

hehehe...nope, stop popping your pimples. You can
give a light squeeze to the outsides of whitehead
pimples and blackheads after you have steamed your
face. This loosens everything up for you.

BUT....only use kleenex or toilet tissue on your skin
(between your fingers) when lightly squeezing. This
will minimize any dirt/oil being pushed deep. If a
light sqeeze doesn't work, then wait until next time.

I hope this helps

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