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Really bad experience not only with oral antibiotics, but also topical ones.
Tood bactrim and m..cyclin. Bactrim worked for a year and stopped.
Then used topical erythromicin lotion and gel for a year. Worked great in the beginning, after it got worse and worse. Instead of mild acne, got moderate close to severe.
In addition to acne excarbation, I developed chronical yeast infection.
During these three years, I saw 2 dermatologists and 2 physicians because of acne.
I took also BC Ortho-Try... and it screwed my period.
Retin-A did not work either.
Now I am trying to detoxify my bowels and liver and get rid of candida.
I take a lot of vitamins and supplements. I eat anti-candida diet (no sugar and anything that has it, fruit, juices).
I don't trust conventional doctors any longer. I am not clear yet, but I prefer to go natural. Anything else, but antibioitics.
Have not considered acutane because it is even worse.

Forgot to tell I am in my mid thirties, but even if you are still a teen or in your twenties, please, stay away from a long-term antibiotic consumption.
Too dangerous.

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