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If it's mucous forming cooked or uncooked it will still cause it. Anyway, I posted this under the Mucous topic, but Feel free to decipher this how you please...

I've been trying to figure out how to answer this post, but it's a bit hard since there's some misconceptions about this. Now we all NEED a certain amount of mucous in our system to protect us from bacterial infections and to form the mucousal lining in our digestive system. Taking Probiotics helps with this.
While Systemic Yeast can cause acne, as far as I know, Mucous doesn't. Where did this theory come from? I can't find anything on the internet about this and I tried various searches. Although, I do agree that if we have too much, it's rather annoying and definately dairy is a contributor. However I don't always get mucous in my throat so there must be a certain type or amount of dairy that does it for me.

While there may indeed be foods that form mucous, Starchy foods (sugar) aren't one of them (grains, legumes, peas, lentils, corn, potato, sweet potato, yam, plantain, & squash). Starch and Refined Salt actually cut down your amount of mucous and could eventually weaken your immune system. Also, some of these starches cause intolerances so you might be better off avoiding them anyway.

Then again, like I stated above there seems to be some misconceptions, and with that, here's a list of mucous forming foods (composed from 4 diff. sites):

dairy foods
soy foods
white sugar
refined carbs (white flour bread, white rice, cakes etc)
fried foods
honey, maple syrup-in moderation
whole grains--in moderation
polyunsaturated oils (omega 3s etc)--in moderation

LOL and to contradict the above list, here's "Non-Mucous Forming" Foods:
Cultured foods (yogurt, kefir, etc...probiotics)
Fruits (citrus, berries, etc)
Vegetables (cabbage, onions, garlic, spinich, etc)
Whole grains
Herbal teas

See the problem? It seems like a lot of heresay or maybe all foods cause mucous. Some of these foods are starches so perhaps certain ones do form mucous. In that case I would not only cut out dairy (that would include bread, pudding, chocolate, etc) but also refined flours and sugar.

Frankly none of those lists make much sense to me, unless they are refering to foods that people are allergic to. Remember that you would have to be ALLERGIC to these in order for it to cause problems, such as having Hay Fever, Asthma, etc. In that case you would have to avoid 1 or more of the following:


See, Mucous is like your body's defense mechanism and if you have too much, it definately means that you have some sort of problem. So if you eat foods that you are Allergic or Intolerant to, your defenses will overreact and can cause a build up of mucous and if it's too much it can clog your lymphatic system. So if your lymph system can't drain your body will build up on toxins. That's the only possible way I can think of mucous contributing to acne, but it's not the cause. The allergy is.

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