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Hey there. If your acne is pretty active then you
might want to steer clear of the scrubs (even the
milder scrubs) until you start seeing some clarity.

However, you will still need to exfoliate on a
weekly basis for best results.


Steam you face for 5 minutes (unless you're used
to this, then up to 12 minutes). Take a cotton
swab and gently rub (in upward strokes) Apple
Cider Vinegar over your face. Use multiple cotton
balls and be sure to get your entire face.

For the first month just do this. After you've
done this at least 4 times, then add another 5
minute steam (after rubbing in ACV) and repeat
with the ACV again. End with a 5 minute steam
and washb with a mild soap 9rinse/pat dry).

This is a GREAT exfoliator that is much easier
on acned skin. Many have seen BETTER results
than when compared to using harsh scrubs.

*** Be sure to use 100% RAW APPLE CIDER VINEGAR
and not the grocery store brands. They are altered
to remove most of what makes it so powerful for
this purpose. Check your local health food store
or search online for the BRAGG brand.

I hope this helps

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