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i get acne on the forehead only,rest of my face is excellent,i went to the doctor and he said it was weird alright,but its only mild ,so he gave me nothing,i tryed b5 and it only worked for a while,i now got ACCUTANE ( accutane/isotretinoin)20mgs ,50tabs for $70 ..i got it from a friend and i might start taking 1 tab daily

can anyone help,would accutane be alright for me


ps: i dont even go outside ,its destroying my life
Have you tried Retin A?
is your hair in your face alot?
i used to get acne on my forehead only, then i took my hair off my face, and it cleared up gradually. but now i have acne in other places... hope that wasnt a trade off! :P
Oh, and dont borrow someones elses Accutane!!! that could potentially be very harmful, as their are strong side effects in some people, and without your doc knowing your medical history, it could potentially be dangerous for you to take it.

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