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Re: For Mr. Right
Aug 18, 2002

I am 21, when I first started accutane I had moderate cystic acne on every portion of my face except my forehead. At any given point in time I'd have at least 10 or so cyst about my face.

The first two months were the hardest, the accutane made my skin breakout into severe cystic acne, my face was covered, even in spots where acne seemed non-exsistent (forehead). The first two months I was at 40mg daily, month three I was at 60, month four I was at 80, and for months five, six, and seven, I have been upped to 100mgs daily. During the first few months I partitioned the daily dosages, for instance during month three and four, I took a pill in the morning and a pill at night. At around month 5 I grew tired of having to go through my day with dry lips so I began taking my dosage of 100mg all at once, right before I went to bed. This is my first course of accutane.

I have noticed very minor hair loss, nothing significant or noticeable. When I first started accutane my hair was very course, dry, and thick. (No one in my family suffers from hair loss) Accutane has made my hair much more managable, a desirable thickness, and more shiney believe it or not. I was scared of losing hair when I first started accutane and began using some rogaine type shampoo which helps hair keep intact with the scalp and not fall out, I soon found out the shampoo was useless to me because the hair loss was so insignificant.

I haven't noticed any blushing/flushing of the skin.

I have gone to the beach about 10 times this summer, each time wearing a sunblock of spf 15 on my face, and a tanning lotion on my body of 7 spf. I have only gotten one sunburn thus far, located on my shoulders.

I haven't noticed any BAD side effects, here's a list of the side effects I've had while on accutane:

Rectal bleeding, occured first two days of use, very very very very small amount.

Headaches, occured first day or two whenever I'd up dosages.

Dry skin, very managable.

Very minor hair loss.

Slight lost of night vision.

Depression, which I can also link to my drug use, I wouldn't recommend using drugs while on accutane (if you're into that sort of stuff). Once I stopped using drugs the depression stopped. If you wish to continue to use accutane, do not mention you have depression, the derm will stop prescribing accutane to you.

Dry eyes, very managable, a few lubricating eyes drops will fix the problem.

Wounds, scratches, scars, take a longer time to heal. Do not get surgery done during the time you take accutane. I did, and it was pretty bad. It took forever for the wound to heal!

The worse side effect I've had to go through with accutane would have to be the dry lips. They never cracked or started to bleed they just peeled an excesive amount. (One of the reasons why I opted to take my whole daily dosage right before I went to bed instead of during the day) It took accutane about 30 minutes to an hour to dry my lips out upon taking the pills, the dry lips lasted for up to 6 hours! Granted I still have dry lips which peel during the day, they just don't peel as much. (Unless I drink alcohol)

One last side effect, you get inhebreated quicker. I used to be able to drink 6-8 beers with no problem, while taking accutane I could only down 3-4 at the most, anymore and I'd be laying face down on the ground.


After going through all the side effects I can say that I would take accutane over again to get rid of my cystic acne, no doubt in my mind. I am pretty much clear now, minus one or two small pimples.

I want to have faith and say that accutane has cured me, however, I have a weird feeling that the acne will come back, not as bad as it was before taking this course, but it will come back. Perhaps another course is due for me.

Anymore questions? Feel free to post them!

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