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Hi to the board and have read through all the messages.i have picked up some good points..but I seem to have the opposite of everyone else on board..I just finished my first week of acutane and my skin is so oily i could supply Kentucky Fried Chicken with a years worth of oil...I haven't had new breakouts but mys kin is soooooo red all over and really really bumpuy..i dont want to go in is brutal and no makeup will stay on me to cover it up..i never had skin this bad and then all the sudden i started getting acne then cystic acne...i am on supplements..b-complex and zinc and evening primrose...i am not sure what to wash my face with as cetaphil is very oily and filmy for me..and as for moisturizer..well i use to have dry skin now i dont htink i should use it...i know trial and error right...and i eat very healthy..and a veggie and watch my soy intake and am pretty much wheat and gluten free as well..guess ia m wondering if anyone else here has experienced this kind of initial break out their first week....oiler and bumpier and redder.....aaaahhhhhhh

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