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Hi Everyone,

I haven't posted for awhile though I do "lurk" quite often. I am on day 5 of my second round of Accutane and would like to share experiences with others on Accutane. I have been following the journal threads daily which has been helpful since most of you are farther along in the treatment than I am. For me, the initial breakout started on Day 3. I was hoping to avoid it since I have been on Retin-A and Minocycline for almost a year and my acne was pretty much under control. No such luck. My main problems are oil production which is way out of control and the notorious pre-menstrual breakouts. As I am in my thirties, I have found that I scar much more easily than I did in my twenties. I can't afford any more red marks or indents. I actually had really good skin in high school but started breaking out like crazy when I started college. I have had acne in varying degrees since then. I did my first round of accutane three years ago at 28. My skin was clear for about a year and then it all started over. So here I am back on Accutane. I didn't have many side effects the first round but I am a little concerned as I am on double the dose this time around. I'm on 40mg now but my derm may up it to 50 depending on how things are going. So far no side effects other than dry lips. Gotta love that Aquaphor. Well, I just wanted to introduce myself and wish you all the best.


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