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Hi Lifehouse!

I totally know what you mean about the dripping oil! I would have to go into the bathroom at work every hour to blot the excess oil from my face. Not to mention how horrible my make-up looked after soaking up some oil. I am no longer using liquid foundation as that seemed to make the oil problem even worse. I am now using Jane Iredale pressed powder which I love. If applied right, it doesn't really look like I have make-up on. Have you ever tried it?

Sounds like you are doing well on the Accutane. I am now on Day 8 and very glad I made the decision to do a second course. When did your initial breakout start and how long did it last? I started breaking out on Day 3. I got a new, fairly large pimple (along with a few random whiteheads) every day until today. My skin actually looks pretty good today. The oil is getting better already. I've had no bad side effects so far. Dry lips but that's about it. I keep Aquaphor on them at all times.

My acne never really left scars until I turned 30. It seems every blemish I get leaves a brownish mark after it heals. I try not to pick them but I admit sometimes I can't stop myself! I am using Claripel cream (4% hydroquinone) to help fade the dark spots. It is really helping. I know I got really pale my last round of Accutane so I'll probably look like a ghost by the time I'm done if I keep using the Claripel. I am fair to begin with but tan well in the summer. Are you doing anything to treat your scarring? Is it more dark marks or indents?

Hopefully we'll both be clear for good when all this is over! Good luck and keep me posted on your progress.


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