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hey i havent taken mino myself but my friend did, and still is! it worked really well for her and i think shes been on it for maybe 5 months or so, and its still working for her. i think im going to get a prescription for it too. i think it took hers about a month and a half to clear. she had really bad acne but its mostly gone good luck
Just as long as you are aware of the fact that antibiotics should be your LAST resort to treating acne. Not only can it build up resistance of bad bacteria, it kills the good bacteria within you. Hence why people still tend to get sick and why most antibiotics that were effective 10 years ago aren't as effective now. This is due to doctors prescibing antibiotics as the 1st line of defense (for anything) instead of the last. Also, if you are taking more than 1 antibiotic at a time (external or internal treatments), can increase the risk. Not to mention it's also due to the poor factory farm industry pumping sick animals with tons tons of antibiotics and other medications. All of this makes bacteria more resistant to our current antibiotics!

Perhaps that is why certain antibiotics weren't clearing up others acne, their body's bad bacteria may already have become resistant to it if they've taken that particular antibiotic before. Furthermore, some people seem to get side effect while on it and unfortunately it doesn't seem to PERMANTLY get rid of your acne. For those who've taken antibiotics and then stopped, did you break out again? If so, how bad was it compared to before you were on it?

I'm asking this because on another board there's a thread about Treaments & Solutions and the topic has mainly been discussing probiotics (the bacteria in yogurt) as a treatment for acne, hormonal disorders, fungal disorders (yeast infections, rashes, etc), liver detoxifier, digestive aid, etc.

Basically what this one woman said is that ALL of our problems imbalances, increased sensitivites and defiencies could be a result of the lack of good bacteria in our body. I know that I developed a yeast infection after taking Minocyline for 3 months 2 years ago and I went off of it because I was afraid of getting sick, bacteria becoming resistant, or getting yeast infection. I certainly NEVER thought my skin would breakout Worse and in New Areas for a year afterwards. I've been on external and internal antibiotics a few times before since I was a wee kid and apparently the minocylcine was the last straw (thankfully it didn't weaken my immune system, but it gave me a yeast infection). I've posted more information about this under the post PRIOBIOTICS-Good Bacteria for Clear Skin (something like that).

I'm not telling you what you should do with your body, but I just want to make you more aware. Maybe this could help you, I intend to see if it will help me (I'm supposedly PCOS or IR, because of my sensitivity to androgen--I currently take Avandia and Spirinolactone)

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