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I know what people say your not supposed to lay in the sun but for me it works great i have very mild ACNE as it is and the older ive gotten ive have seen my acne slowly get better and go away. It was the worst when i was 17 face and back never my chest, now im 21 and i still get one or two on my back once in a while but really no more then any other guy, it is really nice to be able to go to the beach and take my shirt off. People say acne come from your parents my dad never go it but my mom did when she was young and for her they didnt go away till she was 22. Im naturaly olive complected so i can tan and it looks good. i dont get red i do at if i havent laid in the sun for a while but any ways, i just stay real tan and as far as my face wash routine goes i have used diffrent washs but they always make my face look funny so i take one shower a day wash my face in the shower by letting water run over it with a little shampoo never let the water actually hit my face to rough. and i rub a OXY pad on my face at night the SALICYLIC ACID does a good job but i have heard that it can cause you to brake out. If any one knows about it please tell me and i heard that VIT B-5 helps to has any one broke out from B-5 please tell me. But thats all i do it seems like the less i mess with my face the better off it is i dont get big ones that much once in a while. Probaly my most problimactic area is my forehead does any one know of any pads you can rub on your face that is better than Salicylic acid.

So if any one has INFO on the B-5 and is it ok to lay in the sun while you take it.

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