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This is why we are told CONSTANTLY not to pick. To which I respond, "If you're telling me not to pick, then you must expect me to pick. If I'm going to pick then why don't YOU, the professional, exise the damn things clinically?"

I don't know if you've had the pleasure of entering the realm of Dealing with Dermatologists, but in their infinite wisdom, they repeatedly admonish us folks with acne to not touch or pick at the bumps. They might be right, as is indicated in your case, but you are not alone...getting these little marauders out of our skin is almost a passion.

My experience with what you describe is this: if you hadn't picked the bump, it would've remained under the skin. Calmly, maybe, but always with the potential of becoming inflamed--without your assistance. Now that you've done the deed--picked and made the thing infected--there's not much you can do except cross your fingers it will go away. My experience is that there is a very tenacious, waxy-like sac attached to the inner wall of the skin--a cyst is a sac that holds junk. Whatever the bump, if it got infected this time, it will likely never go away--the inflammation will subside, but the bump will always be there unless its contents are professionally removed. I have only met one derm in my entire 30 years of acne that would excise most blemishes. The rest just want to prescribe antibiotics and benzoyl peroxide.

Maybe someone else will have better news. Regards, Pat

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