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hey i had a question for you egg yolk girl (you're a girl right?)

well, apparently i had judged too soon when i said my skin was clear (i guess) from the yolk mask. i used makeup one day and started breaking out again but just that one i stopped using any makeup but was still breaking out. not as bad as before the egg yolk but still breakouts... anyway, i'd been using the egg yolk every single day twice a day for a good 6 or 7 weeks. i decided to try this cleanser that has tea tree oil in it since i've heard such good things and benzoyl peroxide just doesn't seem to do anything for me anymore. i THINK that the tea tree cleanser is cleaning out my pores cause i have a grip of little open pimples (i'm hoping that's what's going on). i've been using it for about a week (in addition to the egg yolk every day). i decided i should probably back off on the egg yolk since i've been doing it for so long so starting today i'll use it a couple times a week.

so my question is- have you ever used tea tree oil? do you think i should back off on the egg yolk or should i keep using it every day until i'm not breaking out any more?

thanks so much for your help. acne is soooo frustrating and depressing

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