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I am sure I mentioned this before...but I am going to tell my story goes!

More than a year ago I totally changed my diet...for skin reasons only. I didn't even have that bad of skin...just one thing on my face threw me for a loop! Maybe about 6 months ago I weighed around 89 pounds. I'm 17 years old and 5'3. My friends told me that I looked sick and was way too skinny. Each day I did more research on acne..and elliminated something else from my diet. I wouldn't eat when I was hungry and no longer went out with my friends. My life was horrible! A few months ago I began seeing a dietician. She has helped me to expand my horizons and be a little bit more flexible with my diet. Before, I was eating so healthy that it became unhealthy. My dietician mentioned orthorexia, which you probably have never heard of. I definately had that! It is not an official disorder, but a man named his own eating disorder. Its an obsession over dietary purity. I also have that doesn't help my situation. I believe that my diet is incredibly healthy.

I will tell you what I eat so that you may see what I (as well as my dietician) consider healthy for the skin AND THE BODY!

Breakfast: Organic cereal w/ soy milk OR wheat free waffles w/ organic jelly, OR oatmeal made w/ soy milk and a banana.

Lunch: I don't really have lunch. I eat small things throughout the day. These "snacks" may include apple, raisins, soy yogurt w/ granola, Luna bar, carrots, raw unsalted cashews, low carb bagel w/ organic peanut butter(no hydrogenated oils!), raw unsalted pumpkin seeds, granola bars.

Dinner: One of the following: skinless, boneless chicken breasts cooked on the stove w/ rice and broccoli, OR chicken noodle soup w/ green beans, OR large salad made w/ romaine and other veggies, beans, and organic italian dressing, OR broiled salmon w/ green veggie, OR chicken patty on low carb bagel w/ italian dressing, OR quino pasta w/ tomato sauce...and a few other choices.

I try to have carrots and a green veggie every day. I also have an apple everyday, as well as a variety of other fruit (strawberries or blueberries, or peach, plum...)

I take a multivitamin in the from of powder, burdock, yellowdock, borage oil, flax oil, acidophilus, and puritea (a tea that purifies) everyday. I feel good and my skin is not bad at all. I am a real when something is really ugly on my face its usually because of my own hands! I also drink at least 3 24 oz bottles of water. Hope I have helped!..and if you have gotten all the way to the end of this thanks for reading it all! Take care everyone!

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