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Wasn't this already posted on another topic? Anyway, I don't drink and the 2 times that I have (on my birthday) I had 1 Pina Coladas each time (on my 21st I had that an a Green Apple puckers) and never completely finished the mixed drink. Soon after I got a stomach ache and this bloating feeling and so I spent the rest of my birthday sleeping it off (so sucks).

Currently I am awaiting tets results to see if I'm Gluten Intolerant (celiac sprue), but basically those 2 are symptoms. I don't always get stomach aches or any time of symptom when I eat food with gluten, but sometimes I do (something I've been paying attention to). Right now I'm pretty much on a Gluten-Free diet but when I get really hungry. I have cheated a very minute amount and sometimes I can feel it...

Since I don't drink I'm clueless as to what liqours are derived from what (wheat, barley, grapes, etc). I believe that most wines are safe though. Anyway, since Gluten can cause a variety of symptoms one of them is skin problems (rashes, acne, etc). Also, it could be the fact that it dehydrated your body, hence making it harder for you liver detox properly. Or it could be from the alcohol's sugar content.

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