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Kateling, if youve been on accutane i wouldnt do the skin culture peel or ANY kind of peel for a long time. i once read in a magazine that you cant even have a salycilic acid peel (which is pretty harmless in comparison) for at least 6 months after accutane.

Anyway, like i keep on saying, the skin culture worked great for me. It was the first thing i ever tried though. I jumped in the deep end. As soon as i saw my face full of ugly red zits i did the peel (before the peel all i had ever used were some OTC products), so my skin was not damaged in anyway by any other lotions or potions or procedures.

It did not change my skin colour. I left me with beautiful skin which increasingly improved over the following months as i was using a glycolic acid cream.

A quick note here: their website seems very sophisticated now. I never ordered it thru their site. I saw an advert for it in a womans magazine and when i received it the instructions said nothing about not doing the peel if this or if that. Just as well cos otherwise i prolly wouldnt have done it!

I would definately like to do another one, to get rid of a few blemishes and mainly cos your skin just looks so damn good and you look 5 years younger at least!
However, i am not going to do it as if i did it now it would be out of vanity mainly, it would be just to look that much better as my blemishes are nothing horrendous and i am treating with kojic acid which is working very nicely.

Hey, whatever happened to Jani? i wonder if she's doing the peel. If you read this please let us know. If you are doing the peel i wish you luck!!!

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