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I was very excited about the Skin Culture Peel about a week or so ago. But I wrote them a long email asking many questions and when I read the response I changed my mind about doing it. Mainly I changed my mind because they said if you have extremely sensitive skin do not do the peel. My skin isnt "extremely" sensitive, but it is sensitive and I don't want to take a chance. Also it said don't do it if you have a skin condition. I looked up the skin conditions it listed and the symptoms were like red patches of skin, dry scaley scabs and stuff. My face is sometimes red and my forehead is sometimes scabby from past zits. When I look at my face I really don't think I have a skin condition, but Im not positive so I don't want to take a chance. It also said if you have thin skin or couperose skin don't do the peel. Well I took accutane 7 months ago and it thins out your skin. I don't know if my skin is still thinner than normal, but who knows. Just too many things for me personally that I am unsure about. But if you know you have no skin conditions, if you don't have real sensitive skin, if you know your skin is thick then the peel is definitely for you. It did go on about how safe it is.

I also read somewhere on this message board someone said the phenol peel can perminitely change your skin color...well it says that wont happen.

It said the treatment will not make you lighter or darker than you naturally are but will help to return your skin to its natural tone and texture as well as
making it look softer and feel smoother. On extremely rare occasions, dark skin types may sometimes have a tendency to hyper-pigment after a peel. Normally this fades within a few months as long as the skin is protected with a sunscreen.

So it says if it DOES happen it will fade in a few months. But I have very light skin so I know I would have been fine if I did the peel. Anyway if you have any ques please ask because I can refer back to the email and answer your ques. Or if you want me to list the skin conditions...anything like that. Hope this helps alittle!

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