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Zittycow, Yea I should probably see what my derm thinks first. Right now I decided I don't want to do it, but if my acne gets worse sometime in the future I might consider it.

The scaring I have isn't pitted at all..its a bunch of red marks on both cheeks from past acne. I've had em' for a/b 7 months and I guess they have faded about 40-50%. They bother me, but I've gotten use to them and I can deal with waiting for them to fade. And my acne is mild/moderate acne. I mostly get a bunch of pimples on my forhead and acouple whiteheads every few days. But this past week for some reason my acne has gotten so much better! Its been very mild. Which is weird because my acne has always been very persistant. I never have break out cycles, So hopefully my face is improving. I have made acouple changes this past month in hopes to help clear my face, and maybe its working. Oh also, yes Im very fair skinned. I do tan extremely well tho (I don't know if that makes a diff). But when I don't tan (I havn't tanned in a yr) my skin is very light and has kind of a yellow undertone.

Yea I think ya did the peel back then cause you didn't have all these ppl warning you!lol But sinse its only 2% phenol that makes me feel better. I may do it in the future if my acne decides to get worse, and I will deffinitely come on here and tell you!

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