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Don't worry about the side effects.
Negative side effects occur from genetic susceptability. I was one of the unlucky ones but thats just me.
I'm still able to tolerate accutane at a very low dosage and by being on a low doasge doesn't take away it's effects it just takes longer to achieve the complete course.
Accutane is a GREAT medicine it is used to cure some cancers, including lung cancer, researchers are now finding it VERY useful to help with specific brain tumors!
Find a derm that know a great deal about accutane and has used it for at least 20 years. EVERYONE can tolerate accutane genetic susceptability or not it's all about correct dosages that can intertwine with your DNA. Derms that have been prescribing it since 82 when it was first released know how to toggle with the dosages if you have problems.
If you can tolerate higher doses that's great! You'll be done with the course shortly if you can't, not a problem you'll just need to take it longer.
What i'm trying to say is don't worry about the side effects, If you start to get negative side effects let your doc know. A GOOD/EXPIERENCED/INTELLIGENT derm will not be a dumb **** and stop the drug for good they will toggle dosages to meet your sensitivity.
Accutane prob. in the NEAR future going to be nominated for a wonder drug (just like I believe asprin was) not for it's ability for acne but it's overall wonders organic and superficial it has. Accutane has dramatically saved peoples lives..not from the emotional aspects of acne.....LITERALLY !
It has stopped the progess of some cancers.
My advice is not to be scared at all, LISTEN to your body, and report negative side effects you have.
Especially if you have mood changes...
If the derm stops you for good find another well renoun derm in your area. Usually practicing derms at universities in your vacinity will know the REAL ins and outs about accutane.
So don't worry start your course...and look into also practicing Skilled Relaxation while on it so you can stop the ROOT casue of acne and be completely free forever!
good luck

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