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SweetJade1.. I guess it was a bit of a testomony.. hehe

Btw, I totally agree with sweetjade on the keep track of your reactions thing.. On a daily bases! I personally made a chart in excel.. I stopped doing it for the most part once it got better but I kept track on a daily basis:

1. If any pimples had formed that day
2. what medication I was taking and how much of it(i did this because I slowly stopped taking all medication I was on for allergies and acne and I wanted to know if the reduction of medication was causing my acne or allergies to get worse)
3. What foods I ate that day (so I knew if a certain food caused a reaction)
4. Did i drink the amount of water I needed to drink (drink a lot!)
5. And if you think you improved, got worse or stayed the same that day face wise.

It is very helpful in identifying if something is working or not or if something 'cause a problem. You should be able to see patterns after a few weeks. Most important is to not the second you start something new.

As an example I went one month with my regular routine. I still had a few bumps here and there so I thought I'd try to add multi-vitimins to my diet to see if it would help the healing process. I marked teh day i started and how many I took. Within a week I had a bad break out and I knew exactly what caused it. Mind you I'd have to be pretty stupid to not know what caused it, but nevertheless it's good to keep track in case you forget!

I'm not an expert and you all probably already know/do this, but it doesn't hurt to mention!


oh and: speeling and grama errirs wer dun in purpos;

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