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My tips! :D
Jun 24, 2002 you may have already heard these, or these may not apply to you...but I just thought I'd post a few tips that I use when battling this B*^CH of a thing called acne! Feel free to post yours too and then maybe we can all benefit from some more tips! By the way, these are tried and true for me, and not in the "experimental" stage in that I have used these methods for years and they don't aggravate/cause acne for me.

1) If you have a FRESH scar..not an old one, and it's really red, you can dab some Visine on it to lessen the redness. Let it sit for about 10 minutes to do the job.
2) If you picked at something and it looks like it could scar pretty badly, dab some hydrogen peroxide on it and make sure it gets in the cut and foams to minimize scarring...use HP that is a year old or less so it's still active.
3) A great moisturizer that never caused acne for me is plane old JOJOBA OIL which helps with redness and dry skin. After you wash your face and it is still WET, rub on some JOJOBA oil and let it soak in. After 10 minutes or so pat your face dry.
4) Avoiding sugar completely, and I mean NO sugar, rid me of cystic acne, but be careful, sugar is in breads, mayonaise, most sauces, cereals, prefab foods, etc. This may/may not apply for you, as I think only certain people respond to this elimination, although I have heard DAIRY can be the aggravator for some, as well as nuts, etc. Check to see if you have food allergies.
5) Blackheads seem to clear up quickly for me with a dab of the Clean and Clear Persa Gel, actually, overnight for me. It is really drying though, so be careful.
6)Lightly exfoliate your skin to keep clogged pores at bay, I use the Sage grains about every 3 days, but there are others out there.
7) If your face is red and irritated, take a Vitamin E capsule (make sure it is pure Vit. E without can get it at Whole Foods Stores) and break the capsule. Smear it on your face before you go to bed. You'll look like hell at night, and it is sticky and orangey looking, but when you wake up you skin will look way better. This won't help pimples or acne, just the redness.
8) I take Flaxseed oil daily, which over time, controls the oilies.
9) If your face is super oily, and you want to absorb oil, dab some Milk of Magnesia on your skin, (the unscented or unflavored kind...get the regular kind) and rub it on those oily areas so it's very thin and invisible. This will control oil and not clog or cause acne. You can use this under makeup, or without.

That's all I can think of now. Hope this helps. These recs are cheap too, so that's why I listed them, and safe.

Let me know how they work for ya!

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